John Wolz



Game Designer / Level Designer


Spring 2D Game Jam 2021


April 2021


Sprout was created for the Spring 2D Game Jam 2021 on The jam took place over the course of 48 hours, and during that time, I designed and created the entire game including all art assets.

The theme of the jam was “Growth”, and as such, my game took the form of a platformer in which as you progressed and “grew” more and more controls were available for the player to use. In the beginning, the only input available to the player is right movement. This section consists of timing rolls to avoid getting squished between rocks. From there, the player will gradually unlock the ability for more inputs, eventually earning the ability to fly. This mechanic is represented in the story as a seed that is growing to maturity, with each stage in growth unlocking a new input.

Although I had a great time creating all aspects of this game, the aspect I am proudest of was the level design. I was able to craft a level in such a way that allowed certain portions of the level to be experienced different ways depending on the inputs the player has unlocked. I felt this lead to a very tangible sense of progression and exploration, as throughout the game the player may come across pathways that are currently inaccessible, but will eventually be accessible as they unlock the needed skills.

Sprout was perhaps my favorite game jam game I had produced up until that point. The game was received very well by the other participants in the game jam. Out of 95 submissions, Sprout placed 3rd overall, finishing either 2nd or 3rd in most of the individual categories.

Title Card

Near the Beginning of the Game

Near the End of the Game, using the Flight Ability

Falling Rocks Section

Final Version of the Level before art was Added

Gameplay Video