John Wolz

Ruins of Mount Var'Suul


Personal Project


May 2020 – August 2020


Personal Project

In May 2020, I began work on another 3D environment in Unreal Engine as a side project to work on during Quarantine. I decided to create a rugged mountain environment with ruins and abandoned mines to be discovered along a path to the summit.

The map consists of 4 outdoor segments all connected with one massive cavern within the mountain. The first outdoor area is a rugged canyon leading up to the base of the mountain. I wanted this area to look like a cross between an abandoned American mining site, and Emyn Muil from the Lord of the Rings. I used sharp, jagged rocks to showcase growing danger as the player approaches the base of the mountain. I also included abandoned mining equipment to begin visual storytelling on the story of the mountain. Further into the mountain and up the slopes, the mining equipment becomes more and more sparse as the player ascends into the more untouched areas of the ruins.

The cave is the central hub of the mountain, and blocked passages throughout tell a story of a once larger and thriving community. At the top of the cave rests a stone cathedral built right into stone, showing that this area likely had some religious significance to its inhabitants. Leaving the cathedral, the player will ascend to the summit, where treasure awaits any traveler brave enough to make the journey.

I worked on this project off and on for around 3 months, finishing it late August of 2020.

Canyon Pass

Entrance to Underground Ruins

Early Landscape of Starting Area

More complete version of Starting Area

Nearly Halfway Complete version of the Mountain

Completed Version of the Mountain

View from Canyon Pass Looking up at the Mountain

Video Walk Through of Final Area