John Wolz

Pixel Paradise


Game Designer / Developer




January 2021 – August 2023


Minecraft Server


After several successful projects within Mineville, I was tasked with being the lead front-end developer in creating InPvP’s second Minecraft server, Pixel Paradise. Just like Mineville, Pixel Paradise is one of the seven official Microsoft partnered Minecraft servers. I have since been further promoted to Game Designer.

Since I was involved in Pixel Paradise from its conception, I was heavily involved in it’s development in both design and implementation. Before the server’s launch in July of 2021, I created 4 different game modes on my own, including two larger premium game modes.

As of October 2022, I have in total created 7 game modes for Pixel Paradise. 4 free-to-play game modes: Spleef, TNT Run, Guess Who, and Isles of Adventure; and 3 more complex premium game modes: Islands, Volcano, and CookCraft.

In August of 2023, Pixel Paradise was rolled into the Mineville Umbrella, with many of Pixel Paradise’s game modes now being available to play on Mineville.


CookCraft is the first premium game mode to release after Pixel Paradise’s launch, launching in November 2021. CookCraft is essentially the Minecraft version of games like Overcooked or Diner Dash. The player is given their own restaurant to run and manage. The main appeal of CookCraft is it’s customization. The player is able to customize things like menu items and furniture.

Unlike some other Pixel Paradise game modes that used Mineville game modes as the foundation, I created CookCraft entirely from scratch. Since CookCraft’s release, it has proven to be a successful gamemode first on Pixel Paradise, and now Mineville.


Islands is a premium game mode for Pixel Paradise. In Islands the player is given a blank deserted Island that they can use to create a resort of their dreams. In addition to typical Minecraft Mechanics, players can participate in several other resort-themed activities like boat racing and skydiving.

The gameplay is heavily inspired by Minecraft Skyblock, with inspirations from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Boating feature that allows 2 players to ride in one boat

The Islands Hub, showcasing a variety of offers


Volcano is another premium game mode I created for Pixel Paradise. Similar to Mineville’s Prison game mode, Volcano sees players completing different mines to level up their character and earn money they can use for various upgrades and enhancements.

In addition to creating the base game mode, I have also created several different premium items that allow the player to mine more efficiently.

Guess Who

Guess Who is essentially a Minecraft version of the Gmod game of the same name. The players are split into 2 teams, the Hiders and the Seekers. The Seekers are tasked with finding the hiders on a map consisting of many NPCs using the same skin.

Guess Who is a free game and the first game mode I added following Pixel Paradise’s launch.