John Wolz



Game Developer




September 2020 – Current


Minecraft Server


Mineville was the first professional gaming project I worked on after arriving in Los Angeles. Mineville is an official Microsoft partnered Minecraft server featured in Minecraft Bedrock addition. Along with 6 other official servers, Mineville aims to provide players with unique experiences that are easily accessible to Minecraft players.

When I was brought onto Mineville, my role was to create new custom game modes and add additional mechanics to existing game modes. My primary job involved programming, but since we were a relatively small team, I often did a lot of design work on the projects I worked on as well. My success on Mineville lead to me being given the task of developing a second server for InPvP called Pixel Paradise in the spring of 2021.

Some of my more significant projects on Mineville are detailed below.


Evolutions was my first full new game mode I worked on at InPvP. The game was relatively simple: the player was tasked to level up their pet in a way similar to Pokémon. They could purchase level ups after earning enough money by gathering certain ingredients. Each level would unlock a new area with more valuable ingredients.

I worked on this game mode with one other developer. I was in charge of most of the front end development, as well as certain design aspects.

Holiday Update

For the Holiday season in 2020, I was given the task to overhaul Mineville’s most popular game mode with several new Holiday Items. On this update I worked to develop several new items and abilities within Mineville’s “Prison” game mode. The game mode updates proved to be successful and was brought back again for a second year in 2021.

Skyblock Nether

Skyblock Nether was the most ambitious update to Mineville’s ever popular “Skyblock” game mode since it’s creation. I was tasked with one other developer to create a new Nether system, complete with custom items, mechanics, and bosses.

My role on this project was primarily the bosses, I worked to create 4 unique bosses based off of existing mobs in Vanilla Minecraft.


The first project I worked on with Mineville were ore generators in Skyblock. These automatically generated ore blocks for the player using it.

All of the pet types available in Evolutions