John Wolz

Labyrinths of Umbra


Game Develeoper, Programmer, Sprite Artist, Animator


1 Game a Month


April 2018


Labyrinths of Umbra was the second game I completed, and was also done for the 1 Game a Month Game Jam. At the time, it was the most ambitious development project I had taken on, taking about a month and a half to develop. All of the game’s assets were original (besides the outsourced music and other audio files).

The game featured an infinite number of procedurally generated mazes, with the goal of finishing as many as possible before eventually being killed by either enemies or an ever-approaching shadow that chases the player.

This project was also done solely in my free time during March and early April. I released the game on Steam in June 2018.

Labyrinths of Umbra Title Screen

Gameplay Video

Early Screenshot demonstrating the completed Procedurally Generated Maze algorithm

Final Screenshot of Gameplay