John Wolz

Jelly Jive


Level Designer / Programmer


Bliz Studio


June – November 2019


Jelly Jive was the first project I worked on for Bliz Studio with my partner and former game design professor Jerry Berg. I began this project in early summer 2019 with the agreement that I would work on the programming and he would work on the art. The game was initially released on the iOS App Store in October 2019.

Jelly Jive is a simple 3D puzzle game developed in Unity for iOS devices. It allows the player to control a cube of jelly to activate all the panels on a level in order to move on to the next level. Bonuses are rewarded for speed and number of moves used to accomplish the goal. Overall, around 30 levels are present in the game.

I did all of the programming and much of the level design for this game. My level design inspiration came from a lot of puzzle levels in 3D platform games, particularly some switch panel levels in Super Mario Galaxy. I am extremely proud of the work I put into this project as it was the largest scale project I had taken on at the time.

Jelly Jive Logo

Gameplay Video

Start Screen with Name Entry

Level Showcasing Various Obstacles

Spring Jump Mechanic