John Wolz

Forte City


Level Designer, Programmer, Sprite Artist, Animator, Music Director


1 Game a Month


February 2018


Forte City was the first real gaming project I finished outside of school work. After taking a few months to learn Game Maker Engine, I decided to participate in the One Game a Month challenge.

I spent the entire Month of February working on this game in what little free time I had. I created every aspect of the game. The code, the sprites, and even the music were all created in that month. As such this project was a massive learning experience for me.

The game itself is a music based platformer with gameplay comparable to that of Grip Digital’s The Impossible Game. The obstacles in the game are set in such a way that requires the player to press the button in time with the music playing.

The Title Screen of Forte City

Early Gameplay Footage of Level Testing

Final Gameplay Footage