John Wolz

Captain Astro: Lord of Space-Time


Programmer, Level Designer


Louisiana Tech School of Design Game Jam 2019


March 29-31st, 2019


Captain Astro was made for Louisiana Tech’s Annual Game Jam. The competition took place over the course of 48 hours, and during that time my partner and I completely conceptualized and executed our idea. At the end of the game jam, we received the awards for best art and people’s choice, making this the first award winning game I have made.

The look of Captain Astro is very heavily inspired by the synth wave aesthetic, while the game play is more inspired by games such as the Impossible Game and VVVVV. During the game, you can manipulate gravity and time to navigate around the obstacles placed in your way, while also having to fend off the on going attacks from the time aliens.

The Game was made in Unity with Playmaker.

Title Screen

Gameplay Video

Navigating a Tight Path with Gravity

Slowing Time allows for Easier Dodging

Each “Spike Ball” is physics based, bouncing off one on another increases the challenge