John Wolz



Programmer, Level Designer, Animator, Secondary Artist


Louisiana Tech School of Design Game Jam 2018


March 23-25th, 2018


“Between” was quite a bit different from the other games I had made. It was created as part of the on-site game jam at Louisiana Tech’s School of Design. My partner did most of the art, while I did all of the programming, design, and additional art.

Although the 1st place game ultimately went to a team of three, I was still thrilled with the work my partner and I achieved in just 48 hours. Out of the 4 judges, one judge stated that ours was his pick to win out of 20 games.

The game itself was a simple, 1 level side scroller that took inspiration from Netflix’s Stranger Things and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The game allowed the player to switch between a light world and a dark world in order to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

Between Title Screen

The Level Layout

Gameplay Video