John Wolz

Bathroom Break


Programmer, Level Designer


Game Design Class


May 2019


This game was the final game design project for the game design class I took in Spring 2019. I worked on the programming and level design parts of the game while my partner worked on the art and animation. The theme for this game was “out of order”.

In Bathroom Break, you play as a random student who has to race across campus to find the nearest bathroom. Along the way, you knock away obstacles such as chairs, desks, and other students to reach your goal.

Each level is timed, and empty bottles can be picked up along the way to add more time to the timer. The game play is top-down action, not dissimilar to Binding of Isaac, Link to the Past, or Labyrinths of Umbra (another game I have made). The levels are simple yet hectic, with each level being inspired by a different location in a school.

Title Screen

Early “Gray Box” build of the first level

Near finished version of the first level

Gameplay Video