John Wolz

Ball Splat 3D


Lead Programmer / Game Designer


Bliz Studio


December 2019 – April 2020

Ball Splat 3D is the third and final game I developed at Bliz Studio. Development on the game began in December, 2019 with the game being completed in April 2020. Much like my previous two games at Bliz Studio, I was completely in charge of programming for this project, from game logic to UI/UX functionality. I also shared responsibility for designing the game play and user interface widgets.

Ball Splat 3D is a hyper casual mobile game developed in Unity with C# for iOS devices. The game emulates the satisfying feeling of popping bubble wrap, tasking the player to smash moving balls of paint to fill a white canvas. The player can earn combos and use power ups to fill the canvas faster and earn more points. Points can be exchanged for more power ups in the shop, or for different backgrounds for the playing board.

Title Screen

Shop Page UI

Gameplay Screenshot

Screenshot Displaying Multiple Types of Balls

Gameplay Video