John Wolz

A Walk in The Woods


Level Designer, Effects Artist


Computer Graphics Project


December 2018 – Present


School Project

This is a project I worked on for my Computer Graphics class in winter 2018-19. The goal of this 3 month assignment was to create an interactive environment in Unreal Engine.

The inspiration behind this environment stems from my own personal travels to the American Rockies and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. I tried to balance a realistic look with a more bright and vibrant color palette that achieves a brisk mountain feel. A lot of the vibrant colors are inspired by games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, while a lot of the level design is inspired by other 1st person adventure games like Skyrim.

I was the leader of the 3 person group for this project. I worked on level design (placing of assets into the world), visual effects (water effects and particle effects), landscaping, and lighting. One member was in charge of research and audio while the other was in charge of creating some simpler assets like picnic tables and tents.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the results of this project, and it certainly provided the most fulfillment I had working on a project at the time.

View of the Mountain Lake and Waterfall

Preview Video

The Latest Version of the Valley Overlook

The Initial Sketch of the Level

Top Down View of the Level

Near Finished Version of the Cave

Early Image of the Cave without the Roof

Overlook Point

Final Version of the River flowing through a Canyon

More in depth Walk Through