John Wolz

Untitled UE5 Project


Game Designer / Level Designer


July 2023

Starting in July of 2023, I began working on an environment project in Unreal Engine 5. With this project, I plan on building off my experience from my various Unreal Engine 4 projects to create a larger, more alive environment than I have ever made before.

So far, I have created several different set pieces for my world, utilizing new UE5 tools like Lumen lighting and Nanite meshes to maximize realism.

For me, one of the most crucial parts of the level creation process is sightline consideration, and that is something I am carefully considering throughout this project. Sightline control can be extremely effective at making a level seem larger and more organic, and can be used to hide certain sights from view until the right moment, creating an organic sense of discovery that can only be found in this medium.

With this in mind, I strive to produce a world where every angle looks like a painting, no matter where you’re standing or where you’re looking, there should always be something new and beautiful.

This project is still in very early development, and overtime I plan on extending the level and adding more complex game play mechanics.

A secluded cabin in the woods, hidden from sight until rounding a corner, adding to it’s mysticism

Path to the Cabin. I take pride in making my environments look as realistic and inviting as possible.